Our certified, experienced team of forensic technology professionals can assist you with full-scale technology investigations, litigation support matters, and response to data breach incidents across all industry lines.

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Litigation and eDiscovery Consulting

Full Lifecycle eDiscovery Services | Data Map Consulting | Legally Versed Professional Experts | Defensible Data Collection and Preservation 

We are intimately familiar with the discovery and litigation process and stand behind our findings. We perform full lifecycle eDiscovery services, scoping, meet and confer, collections, pre-processing and processing, review hosting, and productions. Kraft Kennedy experts are qualified to testify on our findings as electronic discovery and technology expert witnesses. We perform custodian interviews and on-site inspections to create organization data maps and identify key custodians and repositories of data and preserve electronic evidence using defensible methods.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Incident Remediation | Evidence Preservation | Forensic Investigation  | Computer Forensic Examination 

Not even the best security program is infallible. Without experts to help you manage a quick response to an event, you risk damage to your reputation and client relationships as well as significant financial exposure. Kraft Kennedy’s certified digital forensic and incident response professionals use proven technology and procedures to accurately identify incidents, preserve evidence, forensically investigate the data and remediate the problems. Our experts follow industry-recognized best practices and are qualified to testify in state and federal court.


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Information Security and Governance

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery